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Swagelok Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

Swagelok Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable Area Flowmeters, Industrial Variable Area Flow Meter

Swagelok Variable Area Flowmeters

Swagelok variable area flowmeters measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float. The float is pushed up by increasing fluid flow and pulled down by gravity as fluid flow decreases.

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to read
  • No wearing parts
  • Limit switches available
  • 10-to-1 turndown ratio (the lowest measurement is one tenth of the full-scale reading); measurement ranges are available in U.S. customary and metric scales.
  • Meters are marked with the fluid media and unit of measure for which they are calibrated.
  • Meters can be factory calibrated to customer process specifications.

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