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Flat Web Synthetic Slings

Murphy Industrial Flat Web Synthetic Slings

Custom Made Flat Web Synthetic Slings Shipped The Same Day

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Synthetic web lifting slings offer a number of advantages for rigging purposes: Strength, Convenience, Load protection, and Economy.  Being light weight and pliable synthetic slings offer great versatility able to make lifts of a variety of materials. Slings may be used in a vertical, choker or basket type hitch. Eye and Eye lifting slings are susceptible to cuts and abrasion damage, as well as damage from temperatures above 200°F.  These lifting devices should be protected from sharp edges, sharp projections and heat sources such as steam pipes, open flame and welding splatter. *!* NEVER EXCEED THE WORKING LOAD LIMIT *!*

Not sure what kind of slings /rigging supplies you need? Contact our expert sales team at 888-429-2750. They’ll be happy to answer any questions about any of our products, and can help with placing a custom order for you.

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