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SETCO's NEW Factory Adjusted Belt Tensioner

SETCO's NEW Factory Adjusted Belt Tensioner

Product News Wednesday, January 26, 2011: Setco Spindles & Slides

This new belt tensioner design is based on the fixed motor principle that relies on a movable idler to properly tension the belt rather than tensioning with a motor mounted to a moving slider plate.

The new design takes the guess work out of changing and adjusting a spindle drive belt in the field. The tensioner is factory set to take the guess work out of setting drive belt tension. Pre-drilled and aligned tensioning brackets ensure the new belt is set to original specifications eliminating the possibility of over-tensioning a spindle drive belt- a very common cause of spindle failure.

Summary of Advantages

  • Increased rear bearing life due to the fact that it becomes no longer possible to over-tension the belt. The proper tension of the belt is determined and set at SETCO to provide optimal life and performance on a per application basis.
  • The new, robust cast aluminum mounting bracket (Belt Guard) offers a much stronger, more rigid structure to support the motor.
  • Increased belt life...proper tension eliminated premature belt wear.
  • Because the belt geometry is fixed by the idler, it reduces the time required for belt replacement.
  • Once the motor is aligned and mounted to its mounting plate, it never needs to be adjusted or moved. This eliminates the need for special equipment availability such as an over head crane.
  • The new design uses common parts for mounting the motor facing the spindle nose or towards the rear. The parts are used regardless of spindle rotation direction.