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GGB plain bearing solutions for Railroad Industry featured in IndustryTap

GGB plain bearing solutions for Railroad Industry featured in IndustryTap

Product News Monday, March 26, 2018: GGB North America

Engineering and industry news website Industry Tap recently featured an article that details GGB`s bearing solutions for the railroad industry, including our versatile, high-performance fiber reinforced composite bearings:

Entitled “High-Performance Bearings Built to Withstand the Demanding Conditions of the Railroad Industry”, the article explains how GGB’s durable, low-friction plain bearings help the railroad industry meet environmental requirements and achieve economic goals. Additionally, the article showcases the variety of railroad applications GGB plain bearings are used in, including DP4® metal-polymer bearings in pantographs, HPMB® heavy-duty bearings in kingpins, and EP™ lightweight bearings in windshield wipers.

The article also describes a case study where SoundTransit, provider of Seattle’s public light-rail transportation, approached GGB for a noise-free bearing solution to replace the worn metal pivot pin and wear plates in their vehicle bogies. After collaboration with GGB’s expert team of application engineers, HPMB® kingpin plain bearings and HPF® flat sliding bearings were chosen to replace the worn metal bearings. A similar case where GAR-MAX® plain bearings were used to replace the metal kingpins in Holding Graz Linien’s vehicles is also described.

For more information on GGB’s plain bearing solutions for the railroad industry, either visit our railway market page or contact