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USHIO 639nm 200mW Singlemode Laser Diodes Have Built-In Photodiode

USHIO 639nm 200mW Singlemode Laser Diodes Have Built-In Photodiode

Product News Tuesday, February 5, 2019: The Optoelectronics Company Ltd

The Optoelectronics Company is delighted to announce that USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC has launched two single transverse mode 639nm laser diodes with built-in photodiode for optical output power monitoring in industrial applications: the HL63391DG and HL63392DG.

Combining an output power of 200mW with 12% lower energy consumption, these new red laser diodes offer excellent directivity and narrow monochromaticity in addition to their small size, (housed in a 5.6mm package). They are suitable as light sources for a variety of optical applications such as laser levelling, distance measuring, position sensing and numerous medical applications. The HL63391DG and HL63392DG consume 12 per cent less power than equivalent conventional USHIO diodes due to an optimised laser structure, active layers and facet coating.

They offer typical optical and electrical characteristics, (Tc=25 degrees C, cw), of 65mA threshold current, 0.8mA monitor current, low operating current of 255mA, low operating voltage 2.8V typ, 8.5 degrees beam divergence parallel to the junction, 14 degrees beam divergence perpendicular to the junction, laser diode reverse voltage of 2V and operating temperature of -10 to +60 degrees C. They are selectable from 2 types of internal circuit which are cathode common (HL63391DG) or anode common (HL63392DG).


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (UOS), is a global provider of optical devices, a subsidiary company of USHIO INC., with over 30 years of considerable experience in the photonics industry. USHIO OPTO offers a wide range of high-quality laser diodes which are available in different intensities and sizes, suitable for each and any application. These are industrial quality, reliable laser diodes offering high powers and low operating currents, long lifetimes and energy efficiency The product line-up includes high power red laser diodes for displays, red laser diodes for medical and measurement applications, violet laser diodes for exposure equipment and infrared emitting diodes for optical encoders.
USHIO’s high performance laser diodes are proven to consume a low operating current which extends battery life whilst maintaining the integrity of the laser diode power in a variety of applications such as inspection, measurement and biomedical applications and as a light source for optical equipment. All USHIO diodes are RoHS compliant. More information -

The Optoelectronics Company is the authorised distributor of high performance USHIO laser diodes and LEDs, Osram blue and green laser diodes and Panasonic optical lenses to industrial, medical, life sciences, entertainment and defence customers with high technology requirements in the UK, Europe and USA.
The Optoelectronics Company is also expert in the OEM design and manufacture of innovative custom-designed and standard design laser diode modules and laser diode collimators.

The Optoelectronics Company Ltd,
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