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Switches & Toggles

Switches & Toggles

Product News Wednesday, May 30, 2018: Mimic Components CC

SML2 Piezo Switch

Touch Metal Piezo Switch, 22mm mounting diameter, PG-16 thread, 28mm recessed actuation area, point illuminated with single or bi-colour LEDs (5, 12 or 24V). Metal housings are milled, one-piece construction and mounted with a nut. Aluminum housings are available in Silver, Red, Black, Green, Gold or Blue anodization.

BD53 Short Handle Selector Switch

There are four switches in the BD range varying from two to three positions. Operational temperatures  between -5°C to + 40°C. Power frequency withstands voltage 2500VAV for one minute. Contact resistance is ≤50mΩ. Mechanical durability: mom 1 x 10 / others 2.5 x 10. Electrical durability is 5 x 10. IP rating IP40.

FRMC6-C607 Miniature Switches

The FRMC 6 series miniature switches are used in all types of auxiliary circuits to connect and disconnect relays, measuring instrument, etc. Thanks to the special construction features they can also be used in hostile environmental and climatic conditions. The limited dimensions make for minimal occupation of space both inside and on the front of the panel. Good DC breaking capacity.

R16-R601M Discrepancy Control Switches

The Control switch series "R16" keep the same features as the larger ‘R20’ Comeletric models, but in a smaller size. The small size of the Control Switch with a 48mm x 48mm bezel allows the fixing even in applications where there's a minimum depth. The unit has high mechanical strength and good DC breaking capacity.

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