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Mimic Large Tile Bar Semaphores

Mimic Large Tile Bar Semaphores

Product News Tuesday, October 2, 2018: Mimic Components CC

This large bar semaphore incorporates new technology ultra-high bright LED's which use very little power. It has built in ‘anti-glow’ circuitry as well as lamp test.

The large red bar is usually placed ‘in line’ with the mimic circuit line to show "CLOSED" and the green bars graphically show "OPEN".

These new text semaphores are more visible than the old fashioned electro-mechanical ones as there is a colour indication as well as a position indication (the red closed LEDs are easily seen in an overview of the board).

LEDs are highly reliable (± 15 years) and as there are no moving parts, they have a longer life expectancy than the electro-mechanical type.

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