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New QNES Series Flame & Explosion-Proof Signal Lights

New QNES Series Flame & Explosion-Proof Signal Lights

Product News Wednesday, January 30, 2019: Mimic Components CC

Marine explorations involve risks and costs putting not only the marine habitat at stake, but also human life which is exposed daily to threats of unexpected inferno blasts. Offshore drilling for the benefit of commercial use is ever a contentious issue under Global warning coupled with the protection of natural environments.

In an endeavour to mitigate all types of losses, the safety of workers, industrial plants and marine life itself, is demonstrated in the careful selection of equipment used for these types of projects.

Mimic Components is a proud contributor of one such equipment. The new QNES series is explosion proof LED signal lights combined with an electric sounder. The flame proof LED signal lights operates as steady/flashing, strobe and simulated revolving light functions in one unit. It is an ideal warning device with a variety of built-in sound patterns that can be set as; warning sounds (take precautionary measures), special warning sounds (lock-down operation) melodies (staff shift change) alarms (additional safety measures required) or as customizable sounds (evacuation sounds) for working environments.

Withstanding temperatures of -40°C to +60°C, the QNES series is a working device either on top of the deck or below it, that takes a taking a fraction of space: height 225mm x length 130mm.

The series consists of three different models, all of which are multiple function LED signal lights containing 20 built-in sounds up to 110dB at 1m, with 5 user-defined voice up to 103dB at 1m. All models come with an ingress protection rating of IP66. The carefully chosen materials including a “tempered” glass lens are available with housing in either aluminium (QNES Superior durability with aluminium housing), stainless steel (QNES-SUS superior corrosion resistance and durability with STS housing) or brass (QNES-BS superior corrosion resistance with brass housing) and are available in the usual standard colour format of Red, Amber, Green or Blue.


Marine applications include Gas plants, Ship construction & maintenance, Offshore plants, Petrochemical and other industrial plants and extend beyond this industry.

 Certification is available on request and includes IECEx, ATEX and KCs.


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