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Expanding machine element range from Elesa - new catalogue supplement

Expanding machine element range from Elesa - new catalogue supplement

Product News Tuesday, November 12, 2019: Elesa (UK) Ltd

The eclectic mix of loosely defined “machine elements” from Elesa is expanding year-on-year. The range now includes an extensive selection of magnets in aluminium-nickel-cobalt, samarium-cobalt, neodymium iron-boron and ferrite. These standard industrial designs are excellent for temporary fixing or even permanent fixing of items such as workpieces, jigs, sensors or other devices where a strong fixing and rapid removal is required in a discrete, even hidden way!

Closely aligned to magnets are grub screws, thrust pads, rings, washers and cam locking levers which come together in the assembly and functioning of individual machines. Growth in ranges of these items makes it even easier for machine builders to quickly develop, and bring to market new concepts in production equipment.

Complementary items span roller and ball transfer units, with bull’s eye fluid levels, also locking/joining components and vibration-damping elements – all part of the package needed to set up equipment on production lines and workstations.

The Elesa New Products catalogue supplement includes 39 pages of additional lines, each relating to many SKUs full tabulated in standard sizes such as spring cotter pins, guide bushings, thrust pads, assembly gasketing kits, dampers in rubber or silicone, new roller tracks and multiple coloured retaining magnets.

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