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Stainless steel from Elesa - synonymous with quality - catalogue supplement

Stainless steel from Elesa - synonymous with quality - catalogue supplement

Product News Tuesday, December 3, 2019: Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa – well known for high quality technopolymer machine elements – has carved itself a solid base and is now pushing the boundaries in the world of metal standard elements, and is committed to maintaining the quality aspect of all their products. Many new stainless steel products are listed in the Elesa 166.1 catalogue supplement.

Primarily sold in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, these stainless steel items are often to a standard set by law.

They include handwheels, clamping knobs, clamping handles, lift and pull knobs – bridge/bow/pull, fixed and revolving handles, indexing and position elements, standard machine parts, levelling elements and supports, hinges, latches, hydraulic accessories, castors and wheels, connecting clamps and handles for special applications.

Quality runs through it – and everything Elesa do. Quality is one of those qualities that means different things to different people, a situation that Elesa address by covering everything across all areas. Thoroughness and attention to all aspects characterize the Elesa approach. Most obviously perhaps numerous design awards pay testament to quality of style and finish, while the extent of technical data available on each product confirms the high level of engineering expertise behind every item.

More fundamentally, however, Elesa corporate quality culture pervades all their products, especially the ones manufactured in-house – but with the proviso that externally sourced units must also be compatible with that pervasive quality ethos.

A culture that applies throughout, from concept to R&D, through design and prototyping at each stage of production readiness and all the way through the packaging/supply chain.

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